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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Syn FREE Microwaved Crisps ready in 5 minutes!

Yes you sure did read the title correctly. Hang out the flags and do a celebration wiggle for I have uncovered a little gem of a recipe!
My name is Lyndsey and I am a crispaholic. Ok maybe slight exageration but I do enjoy crunching on savoury snacks. :)
This is a fool proof recipe and will have you nibbling in no time!

You will need:
Your chosen flavouring. I chose to do 2 flavours- Salt & Black Pepper. Tikka.

Mandalin or super Sharp knife.
Plastic container or bowl
Kitchen Towel

Here we go:
1 - slice potatoes as thinly as you can using a knife or my blessing has been my mandalin (£9.99 from Argos)
2 - lay slices on top of some kitchen roll and pat dry.
3 - sprinkle potato slices with your chosen flavouring. I just did one side but feel free to do both for a bigger taste.
4 - thread slices onto a wooden skewer, making sure to leave a generous gap between each slice.
5 - place skewer over a plastic tub or bowl, making sure the potato slices are not touching the sides or bottom.
6 - pop in the Microwave! Now cooking times will vary with each Microwave so I recommend putting them in for a blast of 3 minutes then do 1 minute blasts until they are bubbly and crisp, they will turn a light brownish colour too. Just have a few exerimental goes and find what works best for you!
7 - leave to cool and slide off the skewer into a bowl! Job done!

And voila you should end up with some yummy crunchy, crispy and above all SYN FREE treats!

***I also experimented with dry lasagne sheets. I snapped them into shapes and laid ontop of baking papier, sprayed with frylite and sprinkled with seasoning. Baked them in the oven for about 7mins at 180degrees. Leave to cool and serve. These were ok, they would be great to serve with a dip or I have a syn free nacho that I will be posting about very soon!***

WHAT FLAVOUR WILL YOU BE TRYING?? I would love to hear!?


  1. If you boil the lasagne sheets first then take out as much excess water as you can, makes them a lot yummier :)

  2. wow, these sound great! I'll defo be giving these a try, I'd love to do salt and vinegar ones - my fav!

  3. These are not syn free. Because they are used as a snack and they don't fill you up like a potato would then they have to be synned. Sorry guys ��


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